So there is plenty of wiggle room to do your own thing with the Pro Pancake Molds, but here are some tips and tricks we have found to get the best results for making the classic pancakes. The recipe we provide is with regular all-purpose flour figuring that’s what most people would have on hand. Now Pro Pancake Molds are non-stick, so your pancakes should come out without using any other non-stick cooking spray. However, if you are having sticking issues you can try to “season” the mold. If you use a non-stick spray* or butter to coat the surface of the mold, your pancake will probably come out of the mold well. (However the surface on the first pancake may look speckled from the uneven grease on the surface.) If that pancake comes out without sticking, then you can make a second pancake in the mold WITHOUT spraying again, and that one should also come out without sticking because of the greased surface left from the first time you sprayed, and the finish should look more evenly browned on the second pancake. If you are hesitant about using non-stick spray on your non-stick griddle, you can wash the edges of the mold that will touch the surface of the griddle with dish soap and warm water before proceeding to the cooking stage. If you have a pancake that sticks, before trying again wash and remove all the pancake residue from the mold before you try to start the process over.

We have found that it helps to have vegetable oil included in the pancake batter itself. If you get brave and try to venture out on a different pancake recipe, we suggest using vegetable oil in the batter. Another thing we like to have in the batter is baking soda. It tends to make the batter rise nicely and have a fluffier final pancake. Including egg(s) in the batter tends to help as well.

Once you make your batter and prepare your mold, place it on the 350-degree preheated griddle flat side down and spoon about ¼ cup of your batter into the mold. DO NOT fill to the top of the mold. Only fill with a little batter in the center of the mold and spread the batter until it just touches the edges of the mold. Do not fill over fill line, the batter will rise substantially.

The most important thing when using the Pro Pancake Molds is the cooking before the first flip. The longer you cook the pancake on that first side, the less likely you will have any sticking issues. We suggest at least 8 to 10 minutes, but use your judgement if you think it needs more, or less time. It’s hard to overcook it on the first side, so err on the side of more cook time. The pancake should have had many bubbles that have popped and should look dry along the edges. Sometimes it will even start to look dry all over the whole pancake which is okay because you will be cooking it for only about 2 minutes on the second side. Once you have flipped to the second side with a spatula, and cooked for 2 minutes it will be time to remove the mold. Please use a fork or tongs and pull the tab up on one side very gently in a smooth motion and the pancake should easily separate from the mold. Using the fork or the tongs on the tabs for removal is important because if you try to use your fingers you may burn yourself because the silicone gets hot while cooking. We care about our customers and want you to be safe, but Pancake Presents cannot be held responsible if you are injured while cooking pancakes. So please be safe!

Once the mold has been removed use a spatula to flip the pancake so the word side is facing down on the griddle if you want more of a distinction between the background and the words. Only let it cook for between 15 and 45 seconds. If you leave it for much longer your words will burn. Once you cook it on the words side, your pancake is done and ready to be served! To achieve the best presentation results, we recommend that you serve the pancake with the butter and syrup on the side. Another tip for presentation is to make a couple normal pancakes and serve the Pancake Presents Pancake in the middle like the picture above. Another option is to get all 3 of our Pro Pancake Mold designs and serve all of them on the same plate. You can add fresh fruit on the plate, or serve with a vase of flowers for an even more special experience. This is great way to surprise your loved ones with breakfast in bed! If you want to add chocolate chips or small fruit pieces DO NOT add them in the batter. Place them in the mold after you have poured the batter into your Pro Pancake Mold pop over to these guys. That way they will be inside and should not affect the front surface of the pancake.

It isn’t a science so it may take some playing around with to get the perfect pancake. But in the end the smile on your loved one’s face will more than make up for the work put in to make these special Pancake Presents memories! If you have problems above and beyond what we have covered here and on the website, please use the contact form and we will call you to troubleshoot with you during our business hours which can be found on the contact page of our website.

*Non-stick cooking sprays may cause reside build up on some non-stick cooking surfaces. Please use at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible if any damage results to your cookware. If you are concerned about the non-stick spray, use dish soap to wash the edges and tabs that will touch the cooking surface to reduce your risk of damage or try a different option.

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